Week 1 Video Reading and Notes

Hi Everyone! I’m learning how to cobble together videos.  Click the link directly below for this week’s video reading. The Near Daily Reel Week 1 I wanted to give special thanks to Cynthia Anderson.  She is an incredible poet, and she wrote a wonderful book with photographer Bill Dahl, Mythic Rockscapes.  The format of this […]

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7. The rooted-ness of our shadows, gauged with need, purpose: we flow red along the sides of buildings, under all this pressure, un-tracing the fire which we race upwards to extinguish—the padlock the gasket, faucet-jet, the fly wheel of hydrogen, helium, carbon, neon, trace iron—the shadow of the yellow dwarf in which we see ourselves […]

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6. through the doorway we see the adoration of two hands holding our mother’s face, each finger a leave-less network—winter unclad—the hunkered down cars graze the concrete so confident of their lot, and we looking to the center of a being see the separation of branches, highways of use, and not the sky-turned drinking roots, […]

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5. all these answers: the doorway between outside and outside, this slim threshold offers no shelter—the shadow of our rooted fingers on the tile pathway—home of no home ours this architecture offers its last flint dagger to the sun—for which we reach to blot out with the work of our hands.

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4. to be seen, the parable of two flowers which are never alive in each other’s presence, that scrape the blue clay vase thrown inside out, from whose lip rises the cobra headed lantern, the whorl of the sepal-sun corolla burst open to seed the palms and the street lights that breathe us, our dress […]

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3. Constellation i

3. the free, the given, these constellations, the high way we name and navigate by each myth, each life, each narrow escaping ray, caught in the blue darkening clay, each revolver thrown into a sky, a distant chamber that howls to be seen by passerby.

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2. Other, listen, this image is a lie there is no cage to hold the trees the sun only our selves in the fleeing echo-image we find the energy to go on, into the casual uses of the free, the given.

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