16. looking into the Gemini



Click Here for a short video on poetics and a read-through of the poem.

looking into the gemini



looking into the Gemini

space capsule—who will you find to love

you—the shortest way to travel between two points is to find your

singularity—I have the gift of going nowhere

fast—if each of us is nested inside the other

if we are the womb of: root and branch and safety

glass, altimeter, artificial horizon, attitude indicator, if we are zero

altitude zero air speed ejection seats then

what courage it takes to stay shot into space, or left behind

here on the ground—what love to learn

to disarm these frontal lobes so that when the enemy

erodes—we find ourselves—lost as sons and daughters

pull the coiled black and yellow d-ring to escape the cabin

fire! Pull down the mask at last mother, father, oxygen hose

trailing life into the hard vacuum of hospital beds as the explosive

bolts let lose, jettison us into some new free

space—we learn to hug ourselves—each other

nested in our branches, our roots—womb-of-all-one-being.


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