The Knot #2

Click Here for the Read-thru Video of The Knot #2


This is an experimental long poem form I’m working in tentatively called a “knot” poem.

The basis for the knot are three micro-poems, preferably short… I’m using a seven line (some of the lines have several returns on them, thus the indentations) original poem form to generate the initial three.  I then label two of the poems A and B, and rewrite them each three times.  The rewrites become a1 a2 a3 and b1 b2 and b3.  The third poem is labelled X and placed first or last in the cycle.

A full cycle of these then creates a poem chain,


In between each micro poem I cut and transfer a line from poem X as a refrain.

I’m not sure if this works, I’ll chime in once I’m down the road a bit.

I wish you luck, the presence of duende, and skill in your own endeavors!


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