What the busy is.

It’s been a while since I have posted anything new.

I’ve been involved in a very ambitious project using all of the poems I wrote in November and December, which I culled and twisted together into 6 long format poems, which I’ve collected and now submitted as a book.  This was an insane project, but I’ve managed to complete it.

Up next for me is my new project Echoplex, in which I’m going to put together interrelated villanelles in a braided narrative using cross poems lines, images, echos, and subject rhyme.  The 19 poems comprising the body of the book will share a line from poem 0 and a retrograde villanelle, poem 20.

I’ll post updates more regularly for awhile as I assemble the materials, as well as some info on two other projects which are completed in terms of core material but which require heavy editing.   At Some point I will drag “The Skull” and “O Rotting Sun” back into the light.

In the meantime, here’s some amazing photos from my good friend (amazing poet and photographer)  Larry Eby.Larry Eby Photography


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