081316 Reading Video at the Prison Library Bookshop

I put together a video of my most recent reading of a long format poem called Uncity.

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Manuscript Y Poem Video Part 1

New Poem-Video. This is a visual read thru of my newest work, Manuscript Y. I’m excited to do these, I think there is so much for creativity and play in this multi-disciplinary field. If you like Narrative poetry, Ekphrasis, and timespace musings, and are seeking something new, I’m glad to send this your way! Click […]

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Fracture Tentacle Episode 1

I sent this one into the world a while ago, working on the next one and a book video next.  If you like polyphonic, conceptual, or lyrical poetry you might enjoy some or all of this.  Definitely will twist the structure of your average day.  🙂  Just click the link below! Fracture Tentacle, Episode 1

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Un Knot Ing

So… okay. I’m going to try to explain a couple of things that happened over the last several months, in regards to my work and lifestyle. Please, in advance, forgive my myopic and self-indulgent post. Post MFA life has found me at a bunch of crazy making intersections. While my family relationships have gotten much […]

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