Day 2 of Self-Recovery Mode

Today I still listened to too much NPR, but worked on the wonderful Gundam kit T got me for my birthday. I love giant robots, and I don’t need to qualify or be embarrassed about that. It is a small but good thing to have the choice to spend an hour or two on a non-essential craft that I enjoy.

More progress pics of Aegis as she is completed. By the way, the Aegis model transforms into a squid-like vehicle. The giant squid constantly vies for favorite animal number 2, the spot coveted by the pacific octopus, who is equally amazing and bad ass.

Now, time for Critical Role with T, and to hang out with my two favorite animals, our dogs, Tali and Joker.

May you all find and make peace for yourself, particularly in these small but necessary pleasures. Tomorrow we return to our trudge into onward. Rest well, my good, good people. Let’s keep our chins up.


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