Day 6 Light Speed and Recovery

Today I’ve been thinking about how lousy I often feel, and unloved.

It is a ridiculous thing to feel, I think, considering how many amazing and talented friends I have made, the incredible amount of art I have received (mostly for free or minimal cost, particularly considering the level of intensity and energy that is required to make quality art) and the availability of shelter, clothes, and most notably reasonably priced food from all over the world.

So i marvel at my inability, at times, to even get myself out of bed, at my lackluster response to the current political climate, and my eagerness to let bad news (and badly reported news) sap me of strength and resources for my own art, or for self/family care.

So, today I’m going to celebrate the moment I took this photograph. Across from me, you can see the profile of my wonderful friend Cindy Rinne, who is an insanely skilled artisan in multiple disciplines, and the co-author with me of our first book. The restaurant we were sitting in is now gone, it was a vegan Indian place as I remember it in Long Beach. We were waiting to got to a writing workshop with our mutual friend Nicelle Davis, on synesthesia.


All of these provide an interesting context for the photo, each of these elements individually are a form of peaceful resistance. Sharing our cultures, our dreams, our art, our friendship, under the auspices of the sun, looking onward at the speed of light: just being. Just being, and expressing it, is a resistance. Noticing and recording small details, hosting workshops, and being in public spaces is a reminder that we are not just facing down would be oppressors, we are loving ourselves and one-another.

Oddly, this restaurant is now gone, they closed just shortly after we ate there together. Which leads me to my next point. Let’s take that next step and make sure that we spend our money where it counts, that we continue to foster community, and that we give directed praise to people, who like us, are wrestling with inner demos now bolstered by the extrinsic ones.

Yes, we need objective news, and bold words, and if needs be, action. We also need to redirect our soft power to remind everyone how much we love them.

This may all get ugly/uglier soon, keep your heads up. I miss you all.

I’ve included a link to Cindy and Nicelle’s author pages below, if you haven’t met them or read their work, you are missing out. The two of them have inspired me by their work, their actions as people, and by the light they throw.

See Nicelle’s work here

See Cindy’s art here



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