The Stereoscope, Also, Bambi.

I’m sure you may have considered that the “real” doesn’t give a shit, whether or not you are good at perceiving it, or that our species creates simplified working models to grapple with sense acquisition of food friend or foe.

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What the busy is.

I’ve been involved in a very ambitious project using all of the poems I wrote in November and December, which I culled and twisted together into 6 long format poems, which I’ve collected and now submitted as a book. This was an insane project, but I’ve managed to complete it.

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The Knot #2

Click Here for the Read-thru Video of The Knot #2   This is an experimental long poem form I’m working in tentatively called a “knot” poem. The basis for the knot are three micro-poems, preferably short… I’m using a seven line (some of the lines have several returns on them, thus the indentations) original poem […]

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