A split plum—everything spills over with beauty—even this sink


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16. looking into the Gemini

    Click Here for a short video on poetics and a read-through of the poem. 16.   looking into the Gemini space capsule—who will you find to love you—the shortest way to travel between two points is to find your singularity—I have the gift of going nowhere fast—if each of us is nested inside […]

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15.   Our red-eye twin glares above these ley-lines all these reaching hands all these scapular oaths we hang around our necks every commute a form of decay—after image—cyclops this last moment seen felt too late her rigging sings danger you will love.

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14.   The rigging of this ship this landfill in orbit above us the lunar landing are all the same to some of us unable to signal our lane changes above free ways in cars—nomad we could not design every moment we are left alive we critic or we turkey-baster praise seeker so much of […]

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13.   Neck plastic chinbone tree tree tree (absolute light steals the shadows from our) tree not (dumpster) tree—all images are plastic bone a u-boat bunker a waggling chin no this is a u-boat bunker that conceals within our personal landfill.

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12.   I want to say something that matters the gallows sang and we swore there have been no gallows here for a long time our photos were this cage of light feet kicking we raised ourselves to the sky on which our opinions hang by our necks—cell tower—like a chandelier of plastic chin bones.

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11.   Poe slept last here an 8 minute and 19 second journey for us into the rotting gun- metal sun the ever-ring alarm clock of our gutter so dark it pulls the shadows from our eyes the chatter of teeth on the concrete blood chap lips the bluing of the barrel glint of the […]

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